For the past 20+years Bill Cordes has been teaching teachers, teens, college students and business professionals better ways to live their days. He is best know as “The YOGOWYPI Guy” because of his unique presentation style called, “The YOGOWYPI Experience”.  “The YOGOWYPI Experience” is a unique blend of stories, humor, audience interaction and powerful messages that get participants involved and thinking about using different life strategies that can empower them to living a better life.

Bill is has co-authored 6 books for teens, teachers and college students, and is the author of “The YOGOWYPI Factor”. Bill has spoken in 49 states, and Canada to well over 2.5 million participants. In his programs Bill draws on his life experience from being a former high school teacher, college instructor, coach, television talk show host, husband and father of four.


Bill Cordes Student Bio