J Carlisle

Bill Cordes is an absolute Rock Star when it comes to connecting with students.  As the principal, I have invited Mr. Cordes to come to our school three years in a row…he is the first speaker/performer in 20+ years that I have invited back for a third year!  He is that good!


Bill Cordes presented his new program, the School Unity Project, to our Freshmen class.  His new program is spot-on, engaging, fun, real, and impactful.  I truly believe that Bill has made a positive difference at our high school.

Jamie Carlisle,
High School Principal Tonganoxie, Kansas

I liked your stories about your family, and you had everybody up on there feet and moving around which is what i like to see. I wanted to let you know that what you said will stick with me and I guarantee I will be saying what you said to us for the rest of my life, because that’s how I am. I hope to be seeing you again!(: It was my first MFE Conference and it was truly inspiring thank you so much for sharing a piece of your knowledge and fun with us creativity is key!(:

Janelle Knorr,
HS Student

The Oklahoma FFA Association has utilized the services of Bill for 18 consecutive years! He is our hero and go-to-guy for training state officers, developing leadership curriculum and providing the motivational kick-off for 1,600 students at our summer camps. We can’t find anyone better than Bill Cordes. You can’t either! Kent Boggs, FFA Executive Secretary

Kent Boggs,
Executive Secretary Oklahoma FFA

I had been struggling with hanging with the wrong crowd and using drugs. Getting involved with the activities and hearing Bill tell his story, and seeing how my future was in my hands changed my life. For the first time in a long time I feel like I am on the right path.

HS Student

Your message at the DECA Western Regional Leadership Conference was amazing! I’d been to several DECA conferences and I’ve heard a lot of good speakers, no one has had the eye opening affect on me like you! I went into this conference thinking I had everything I needed to be “successful” but as I listened to you speak I realized I was missing A LOT… and now that I’m back home I’m determined to change my outlook on my day-to-day life. I can’t thank you enough!

Robert Sample,
DECA Student

“Bill challenges our entering students to excel in their classroom performance and to take personal responsibility for their collegiate success through YOGOWYPI!

Students leave his presentation energized, motivated, and laughing! We regard him as our annual keynote motivational speaker for our Welcome  Weekend orientation program!”

Dr. George Daniel,
Director Student Success Center

Had one of the best times of my life with Bill at the School Unity Project leadership conference! It really is life changing! :) Thanks for being such a great speaker and you are absolutely hilarious! :)

Tori Plitt,
HS Student

Hey Mr. Cordes! I attended your Senior Management Institute in Orlando, Florida for DECA-ICDC. Let me tell you… I’m at Bryant university right now and I use all the information you taught everyday: I just wanted to thank you for having a direct impact on my road to success.

Mike Barkin,
College Student