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Casual in Approach – Specific in Intention

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Content areas we will use to create your custom experience.

*Communication *Team Building *Conflict Management *Dealing with Difficult People *Sales Strategies *Business Leadership *Building Brand Ownership *Creating Customer Loyalty *Customer Service Skills *Goal Setting and Achieving *Creativity *Creating a Category of One *Presentation Skills *Strategic Planning *Building a Mission Driven Company *Creating a Compelling Company Culture *Building Company Unity *Building Brand Recognition *Workforce Dynamics *Building Meaningful Relationships


It Really is All About the Experience!

Following the initial consultation we will create a custom flow of experiences and events that will is designed to engage your people in understanding the challenges you business is currently facing. If you are looking for someone to deliver a lot of content, or “death by powerpoint” then this probably isn’t the path for you.  If you want a “canned presentation” that will leave your participants wondering why we are here – then choose a different direction. If you want a day filled with experiences that will cause your employees to open up, laugh, engage and get involved. This is the right choice. You will be amazed at the amount of dialogue that will be created during this day.  Because Bill Cordes understands people, understands business and understands how to engage audiences we will flow in and out of experiences, learning about each other, creating better connections and then end result is a fun day, that will support your employees in working harder, because we understand each other better.

An Almost Endless Repertoire of Experiences!

Because we are building an experience for you based upon your needs, Bill Cordes understands that there is not a “one size fits all” kind of experience.  As you move through the day, he will assess and change the experience based upon the needs of your people.  His focus is on engaging your people, so as we move through the day we will adjust and adapt to get your people moving and communicating about topic areas so your participants will leave with a wealth of understanding about the topic areas you choose.  Every experience is a fun and interactive learning opportunity.  Because every work day creates new a different challenges, you will get the same thing out of a YOGOWYPI Experience. We will adjust, adapt, grow and learn together. At the end of the day, Bill Cordes will record your experience, so when we meet again he can deliver a completely new experience designed to teach your new “end in mind”.

Short list of Satisfied Clients

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