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Getting College Freshman to be College Sophomores

I know…I know our ultimate goal is to get them to graduation, but our first question needs to be: How do we make sure that they have a great first year so that we can get them back for the second year?

College students are usually focused on two things:

1) They come to college because they want to eventually have a great career and be successful.

2) They are excited about freedom!

Unfortunately, when you are 18 years of age the latter is much more important in the now than the former.  YOGOWYPI University gives college freshman to tools and the desire to appreciate and acquire the former and the latter in a way that their choices are not toxic to either. Students can have both! However, students must be aware of the fact that freedom gives us choices, and while we can choose to do anything we want in this life we can’t choose the consequences. Wouldn’t it be great if your college freshman had a solid understanding of this on their first day of orientation? Wouldn’t it be great if they could get the message in a way that wasn’t preachy-and it made perfect sense to them? In one-hour-yes, one hour! Your first year experience students will get a  fun-humor filled message that they will think about nearly every day of their first year of college. Let’s face it, they are in a critical time of their lives and if they can get a powerful message on this day, it will serve them for the rest of their lives!


College is Really All About YOGOWYPI:

Think about it, what better lesson would you want your college freshman to get than YOGOWYPI. You will only get out of college what you put into it. You now have free choice, you can choose to do what you want now that you are here, you have many options, you can sleep in, you can party, you can spend your days doing whatever you want, or you  can “nail” your first semester, you can focus on getting good grades, you can build a solid network around you based upon meaningful relationships. What you want college to be is really about how you choose to fill your time. Starting today.

What Makes the YOGOWYPI University Approach Different?

Bill Cordes relates to college students. As a former 7.5 year college under-grad student he made all the mistakes that just about kept him from graduating.  Though humor, engaging stories, creative activities students realize that they have full choice about what they want to accomplish in the next 4.5 months of their lives. (Bill challenges first year students to do one thing- “Get it done-in semester #1″).


Ultimate First Year Experience

Here is the process:

1. Select student mentors that will be responsible for leading “mentor groups” with new students.
2. Have Bill in to train mentors (at this time they will receive their “Mentors Manual” filled with activities, events and ideas.
3. Bill Comes in re-trains the day before “Freshman Orientation” program.
4. Bill delivers YOGOWYPI University to first year students: Students go and do first mentor session.
5. Bill works with mentors upon completion of first mentor session to prepare them for their next session.
6. Mentors schedule a series of meetings and fun events through-out the year so they can get together and discuss challenges and have fun.
7. Evaluate and repeat the process for the next year.


The “Ultimate First Year Experience” begins with selecting a group of student leaders that are willing to mentor/train a group on incoming freshman.  For best results have your ratio be 1 Student mentor for every 15 student leaders (1:15). We will begin in the spring by training your student leaders all of the content they will need to take your students through during “Freshman Orientation Week”.
Bill will have a session with the mentors just prior to Freshman Orientation. Bill will deliver “YOGOWYPI University” to freshman followed by another meeting with them to prepare them for their next sessions.

Mentors will schedule a series of meetings through-out the year designed to bring their group together and discuss challenges and opportunities that come with their first year experience. Mentors will have a manual of ideas they can use to prepare and take your first year experience students through the curriculum.

Build Your Network, Build Your Net Worth

This is a half-day leadership workshop designed to teach college students how to create lasting relationships now while they are in college. It is all about learning the skill of relationship building so they can leave college with the best resource possible- quality lasting relationships. In this session students will have a chance to get to know others, learn the four levels of personal connection and what they can do to create deeper more meaningful relationships. Most students discover that when they learn the skill now, life takes on more relevance and meaning.


Lead Now!

College campuses are filled with opportunities to take on leadership roles. Unfortunately, it is only a few that have the knowledge or courage to make this happen. This 1-3 hour workshop is all about learning to find the opportunities to lead and how to step into those roles without being bossy or demanding. When we learn to lead as a servant we discover that we don’t have to have all the answers, in fact some of the best leaders are the ones who know how to ask the right questions. In this workshop students will learn the three questions every leader needs to ask when in challenging situations. They will learn “YOGOWYPI Technology” for dealing with difficult people, and they will learn the three types of leaders and how they can adjust their own personal style so that they can be a leader in demand!

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