The 12 Essentials of Engagement Teacher In – Service


Essentials of Engagement




The 12 Essentials of Engagement

Note: The concepts below are simple, and through this in-service teachers will learn to embrace them as profound.  The simple and profound concepts below will change the way you teach. Each of the Essentials below are taught through experience. Teachers will learn how to integrate these strategies into their teaching process.  All of the Essentials have been tested for effectiveness over time, and PLEASE EXERCISE EXTREME CAUTION:  if applied they will create a crazy, fun-filled passionate, sometimes chaotic learning environment that will lead to self-discovery for you and your students and you may never think the same again!


1. We are Better When We are Together

2. Create Movement to Check for Engagement

3. Bring the Energy- Don’t Go Over The Top

4. Change Your Perspective – Change Your Performance

5. None of Us are as Smart as All of Us

6. Combine and Create

7. The Activity Technology: Setup – Activity – Debrief

8. Pair-Share-Group

9.  Open to Outcome

10. What Hollywood Knows that Few Teachers Apply

11. The Phrase that Pays

12. Magic Move

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Get to the Heart of Teaching?

As you know teaching is really a profession of the heart, and with all the requirements placed on todays’ education system it becomes easy to forget why we got into teaching in the first place.  Typically during an in-service day we spend time tapping into: “Why we teach”. We want to tap into the original vision we had when we chose this profession.  Your teachers are going to find their heart again so they can get back to “making a difference” instead of just “making a living”.


 What Will Teachers Learn in an In-Service?

The reason why I love working with teachers is because I get to teach all of the subtle distinctions I have made about how to reach students. In essence, your teachers will learn how to create their own “YOGOWYPI Experience” in their classroom. I love teaching, and I believe that if we are not having fun then our audience probably isn’t learning.  Each in-service program in an experience in which I take having fun, humor and engagement very seriously. .

The Effective Communicator Teacher In-Service

If you are looking for an in-service that covers, collaborative learning, educational methodology, multiple intelligence theory or brain-based learning this is probably not the right in-service program. While I do see value in all of the education content that has been taught over the years, and we all learned most of that stuff in college, the question becomes: “How is it working?” When it  all comes down to it education is really about delivery. Do I  as a teacher have the tools to engage, involve and motivate my students to see the value in what is being taught in my classroom at this very moment. The Effective Communicator, is all about learning to to become effective in our relationships so we can reach students and learn to work with our peers.  Your greatest resource as an educator is the network of teachers you build around you. In this experience teachers will learn the importance of developing meaningful relationships so that we can be effective in all areas of our life.

Typical In-Service Program Half-Day:

8:30am: Participants come into facility

8:35: Bill does opening activity
8:40: Administrator remarks, housekeeping-Administrator introduces Bill
8:45: “Laying the Groundwork”
9:00: “Getting to the Heart of Why We Teach”
9:15: “Building Relationships with Peers and Students
9:30: Communication Activity
9:45: Debrief of Communication Activity
10:00: Break
10:15: Introduction of: “Teaming and Teaching”

We discussed all of the techniques and strategies used in the first session, because what essentially happened I taught a communication course. that was my content, what were the strategies used to teach the content. Teachers learn about humor, the use of stories, how to introduce new content, how to engage the audience, how to set-up, facilitate and debrief activities so that they are relevant to the audience.

10:45: Applying “The Teaming Experience”
11:00: We are Better Together
11:15: Final Activity and Application

Now that teachers are “in the know” about the strategies being used we will go through a new content session, laughing, learning, engaging, doing activity so that teachers can see how it all works from a different perspective.

11:55: Closing comments

Note: The above is a typical day, if we do a full-day (which is better) we go into a lot more detail, teachers will make more distinctions and they will get the added bonus of making more distinctions about how they can adapt their methods in the classroom. Afternoon sessions are generally more activity driven, and we will go into more depth strategies for engaging students of all ages.

In-Service Objectives:

*Teachers learn solid strategies for communicating with fellow teachers and students
*Teachers will learn the four barriers to effective communication
*Teachers will learn how to develop meaningful relationships
*Teachers will learn strategies for setting up and delivering activities
*Teachers will learn how to deal with conflict and difficult relationships
*Teachers will learn the stages of Teaming and how to create classroom Teams
*Teachers will learn the importance of conflict and how learning to manage it can create powerful life lessons for students
*Teachers will learn strategies for creating humor in the classroom
*Teachers will learn strategies for making the education environment fun and playful
*Teachers will learn the connection between motivation and Action
*Teachers will learn the Chunking and Modeling Technology for delivering content effectively
*Teachers will learn how to develop sensory acuity to their learning environment so the can assess the learners engagement
*Teachers will learn how to implement “The YOGOWYPI Experience” everyday in their relationships and classrooms




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