An Accomplished Educator

Bill Cordes is a former teacher and an accomplished educator that can support your teachers in learning how to reach students in a classroom environment. With more that 20 years of experience he has the ability to support your teachers in making subtle distinctions about strategies they can be using more effectively to empower your students.


Get to the Heart of Teaching?

As you know teaching is really a profession of the heart, and with all the requirements placed on todays education system it becomes easy to forget why we got into teaching in the first place.  Typically during an in-service day we spend time tapping into: “Why we teach”. We want to tap into the original vision we had when we chose this profession.  Your teachers are going to find their heart again so they can get back to “making a difference” instead of just “making a living”.

 What Will Teachers Learn?

The reason why I love working with teachers is because I get to teach all of the subtle distinctions I have made about how to reach students. In essence, your teachers will learn how to create their own “YOGOWYPI Experience” in their classroom.  They are going to learn strategies for creating teachable moments, how to use stories, humor, deal with challenging students, how to facilitate and debrief activities so that classroom time becomes relevant to your students. They will learn how to tell the stories of their life and then be able to link those stories to the content of their classroom. In essence they will learn how to make education fun again!

The YOGOWYPI Experience Teacher In-Service

If you are looking for an in-service that covers, collaborative learning, educational methodology, multiple intelligence theory or brain-based learning this is probably not the right in-service program. While I do see value in all of the education content that has been taught over the years, and we all learned most of that stuff in college, the question becomes: “How is it working?” When it  all comes down to it education is really about delivery. Do I  as a teacher have the tools to engage, involve and motivate my students to see the value in what is being taught in my classroom at this very moment. The YOGOWYPI Experience In-Service is all about teaching your teachers how to engage students, involve them in the content and motivate them to do their best every day.

Typical In-Service Program Half-Day:

8:30am: Participants come into facility

8:35: Bill does opening activity
8:40: Administrator remarks, housekeeping-Administrator introduces Bill
8:45: “Laying the Groundwork”
9:00: “Getting to the Heart of Why We Teach”
9:15: “Building Relationships with Peers and Students
9:30: Communication Activity
9:45: Debrief of Communication Activity
10:00: Break
10:15: Introduction of: “The YOGOWYPI Experience”

We discussed all of the techniques and strategies used in the first session, because what essentially happened I taught a communication course. that was my content, what were the strategies used to teach the content. Teachers learn about humor, the use of stories, how to introduce new content, how to engage the audience, how to set-up, facilitate and debrief activities so that they are relevant to the audience.

10:45: Applying “The YOGOWYPI Experience” in your classroom
11:00: The Power of Stories
11:15: Putting it all together.
11:30: New Content Session using “The YOGOWYPI Experience”

Now that teachers are “in the know” about the strategies being used we will go through a new content session, laughing, learning, engaging, doing activity so that teachers can see how it all works from a different perspective.

11:55: Closing comments

Note: The above is a typical day, if we do a full-day (which is better) we go into a lot more detail, teachers will make more distinctions and they will get the added bonus of making more distinctions about how they can adapt their methods in the classroom. Afternoon sessions are generally more activity driven, and we will go into more depth strategies for engaging students of all ages.

In-Service Objectives:

*Teachers learn solid strategies to create student engagement in the classroom
*Teachers will learn the secrets to telling, and teaching through stories
*Teachers will learn strategies for delivering classroom content in a way that it sticks
*Teachers will learn strategies for setting up and delivering great classroom activities
*Teachers will learn strategies for debriefing activities in a way that the learning is student relevant.
*Teachers will learn strategies for creating humor in the classroom
*Teachers will learn strategies for making the education environment fun and playful
*Teachers will learn how to implement “The YOGOWYPI Experience” everyday



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