The 3D School Unity Project is a one-day retreat for 60-125 students and it works best if we can put an entire class through the training program. Think of it as a “Class-Retreat” for freshman or sophomores that teaches students how to deal with difficult situations so that classes can learn to respect and trust each other and communicate with each other in a way that is respectful and meaningful.  High school can be a very difficult environment if there is not a lot of understanding and respect.  This workshop creates a day in which students can learn these skills now so they can learn to deal with challenging personalities for the rest of their lives!

In a school, just like in any group or organization it is our Decisions that Determine our Direction. The 3D School Unity project is about preparing students to create compelling environments wherever they go. Why not start now! For the rest of our lives we are going to be faced with challenging scenarios in which our success will be determined not by what happens, but how we respond to what happens. In this one-day workshop students learn to understand relationships, how to create better environments and how to make the most out of whatever we are given.

This workshop works best with 80-125 students and/or choosing the freshman or sophomore class to go through the program every year. Once classes are trained in how to deal with challenging situations they are better able to handle them when they come up. Think of it as a one-day retreat where students learn to understand each other, how to deal with different personality styles and how to get the most out of their high school experience.


What Topics are Covered in this Retreat/Leadership Workshop

1. Students gain a solid understanding that different people deal with the world in different ways and that by learning to understand “everyone is unique” we learn to appreciate differences rather than judge them.

2. Students learn strategies for dealing with conflict

3. The challenges of social-networking and how what we post says more about us-than what it says about others. Students also learn about the potential long term dangers of social-networking and how to post only what is “Clean Powerful and Positive”.

4. Bullies,  bullying and negative behaviors that create drama. How and why it is best to avoid these behaviors.

5. A solid sense of mutual respect and appreciation.

6. How to communicate feelings and emotions so that we are not igniting fires but creating understanding.

7. The power of personal responsibility. Yep, bad stuff is going to happen, but the difference that makes the difference  is not, “what happens” but “How we respond to what happens.” Remember, this workshop is based upon the concept that it is our decisions that determine our direction.

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