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Three ways to IMPACT School Culture

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The YOGOWYPI Experience

Host The YOGOWYPI Experience All School Assembly. Key points include: 


  • Growth Mind-Set

  • Getting past the conditioning that holds us back

  • How choices today affect our future

  • The power of creating positive relationships

  • Leaning to laugh at ourselves and keys for enjoying where we are now

  • Responsibility: How to apply a growth mind-set in our personal lives

  • People will always remember how you made them feel

The School Unity Project

The School Unity Project is three unique experiences within a 2.5 hour program for 60-125 students per session. The three experiences are designed to eliminate ego, judgment and drama to bring forth the joy of relationships through an appreciation of our differences. 

1. Energy Matters: It is not what we do, but how we do it!

  • Energy Matters: Willing vs Eager Approach

  • Build your Network Build Your Net-worth

2. Relationship Matters: The Quality of our Relationships Determine the Quality of our lives

  • Empathy building, and understanding the affect we have on others

  • "We can't get what we are not eager to give"

​3. Contribute More than We Consume

  • Strategies for breaking down barriers that pull schools apart

  • Understanding how ego creates drama and separation in our communities

  • Creating a personal plan for respecting others and eliminating judgment

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The YOGOWYPI Experience &
School Unity
Project Combined

Many schools opt to do “The YOGOWYPI Experience” combined with a "School Unity Project". This is the best way to positively affect school culture. The size of your school really determines how you will take on this initiative. 


Hit the link below, and we will create a plan for your school community:

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