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5 Steps to Creating Positive Culture

Strategies for Creating Culture

  1. Create a Culture Team

  • Be well represented: Be inclusive if it is a school that means: students, staff, teachers, administration, parents

  • Purpose: Establish why we want to direct school culture in a positive direction

  • Who benefits: Define who will benefit from creating a positive culture

  • Strategize your approach: What are we going to measure?

    • Attendance

    • Accomplishments

    • Referrals

    • Grades

    • Cleanliness

    • Acts of kindness

    • Community Service Events

  • Use a theme-based Approach: Teri Johnson, the Executive Director of Missouri Association of Student Council created an excellent theme-based approach to creating school culture.


  • START STRONG--Freshmen

  • BE STRONG--Sophomores

  • STAY STRONG--Juniors

  • FINISH STRONG--Seniors


  • VOLUNTEER STRONG--Volunteers

  • LEARN STRONG--Elementary

  • GROW STRONG--Middle School

  • PARENT STRONG--Parents

2. Define the New Beginning, and Celebrate the Beginning

  • Create a start date, promote on all medias

  • Advertise benefits of the program

  • Make the kick-off an event

3. Set a Course of Action

  • This is what we are doing this is how we are going to do it

  • Use a team to establish behavioral expectations

  • Set those behaviors on a Macro-scale

  • Themed assemblies, rallies, and functions

  • Emphasize, edify behaviors in classrooms, club, sports, organizations

  • Establish Who We Are

  • Celebrate small achievements through announcements, social media, newsletters, in person, and as a group.

4. Evaluate the Results

  • Get feedback from all involved

  • Suggest changes and stay on course for continuous improvement

5. Feedback is the Breakfast of Champions: You will have set-backs, those set-backs are part of the process. Develop a growth mind-set, and keep repeating the process.

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