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bill cordes yogowypi

Bill Cordes has been a friend of students associations since 1990, and has been on 100's of state, regional and national stages delivering his constantly evolving keynote address: The YOGOWYPI Experience. 


Keynoted State, Regional and National Programs for:
FFA, FBLA, SADD, SKILLS USA, PBL, BPA, BETA Club, Boys and Girls Clubs, DECA, Collegiate DECA and numerous other student organizations.

THE YOGOWYPI Experience: "The Template of Engagement"

No two-keynote addresses are ever the same, but "The Template of Engagement" remains a constant in all of his keynote addresses.  His programs work because they authentically "in the moment" drawing on what is going on in the room, and in the lives of the student, yet he has a template of messages, strategy, stories, and engaging activities that make all of his programs live in the hearts of the students:


  • YOGOWYPI: You Only Get Out What You Put In! We can survive or thrive, We Choose.

  • Engagement, movement and laughter 

  • Relevant interaction that meets their model of the world, so they can understand

  • A playful mix of stories and messages that stick

  • Responsibility messages: In most keynote addresses studnets will learn "The Responsibility Model" as a call to action about how they can get the most out of their student organization experience.

  • Wisdom: The walk away messages that will be incorporated into your conference theme

  • Self-Process: The ability to process our life experiences as they are occuring

    • ​Dealing with failure, whether in competition or acceptance

    • Conditioning: Getting past limiting beliefs that hold us back and how Student Organizations are "life lesson educators"

    • People are our greatest resource: Learning to cherish the people in our life right now

    • This is it: An amazing cornerstone of The YOGOWYPI Experience that deals with planning for future/living in now

    • Happiness and Sadness are not opposites: Understanding the emotion of success

    • Happiness is Serious Business: A strategy for creating happiness and boosting productivity

    • Rekindling: Getting past the belief of "I am my performance" and believing "Life is my journey" thus, performing be

    • Network: Build your network/Build your networth and the science of building community around us.


As a former teacher, class advisor, SADD Advisor, Student Council Advisor, BACCHUS Advisor he has  been in the trenches student organizations, and has trained CTSO officers for over 30 years. He understands the importance of student organizations and the critical role they play in the lives of students as well as the impact they can have on a school culture. He believes that student organizations are the most important part of America's education system, and when your students leave his keynote address they will understand this fact as well. Simply put, Bill Cordes empowers students to use their student organization experience as a vehicle to making all areas of their life work. In his keynote addresses he speaks their language, understands their focus, and provides relevant information that affirms their membership in their respective associations. 


Themes: We know you chose a conference theme for a reason, and Bill Cordes believes students should be walking away from his programs with your theme in their mind and soul. Bill Cordes is a master at working your theme into his program! That's what The YOGOWYPI Experience is about getting your members excited about your association so when they attend sessions, compete and return home they will represent, enroll others and lead with confidence. 



  • Build your Network-Build Your Networth
  • The Genius Within

  • The Effective Communicator

  • Conflict and The 3 R's

  • Powerful Principles of Leadership

  • The Creative Leader

  • Future Builder

  • Happiness is Serious Business

  • The Change Agent

  • Workshop on Workshops

  • The Business of Stories

  • Team Tech 

  • The YOGOWYPI Factor

  • Essentials of Engagement for Teens

  • After the Keynote

  • Leader Topics

  • Conchievers R' US

Past Clients

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