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Programs to rekindle

Bill Cordes is a former classroom teacher who understands the demands of education. His in-service programs are designed to support educators in building community while engaging students. Your teachers will walk away with a huge tool-kit of ideas activities and strategies that will rekindle the joy and passion that living in the world of education can bring. 

Essentials of engagement

The concepts below are simple, and through our time together teachers will learn to embrace them as profound. (Usually a half-day in-service training) The simple yet profound concepts below will change the way you teach. Each of the Essentials below are taught through experience. Teachers will learn how to integrate these strategies into their teaching process. All of the Essentials have been tested for effectiveness over time.


The Essentials

1. We are Better When We are Together

2. Create Movement to Check for Engagement

3. Bring the Energy- Don’t Go Over The Top

4. Change Your Perspective – Change Your Performance

5. None of Us are as Smart as All of Us

6. Combine and Create

7. The Activity Technology: Setup – Activity – Debrief

8. Pair-Share-Group

9. Open to Outcome

10. Application

11. The Phrase that Pays

PLEASE EXERCISE EXTREME CAUTION: if applied they will create a crazy, fun-filled passionate, sometimes chaotic learning environment that will lead to self-discovery for you and your students and you may never think the same again!

12. Magic Move

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