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YOGOWYPI in the middle is a constantly evolving program that deals with all the major issues facing todays' teens. Issues like peer pressure, fitting in, making the transition to high school. drugs, alcohol, drama, relationships and recently we have added a social media component. 

When I first started speaking to high schools, was often asked if I would do a program at the middle school as well. I eventually said yes, and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made! In my early middle school programs I started asking middle school students to "let me in" on the issues on their minds. Their answers were intriguing and it let me down a path of constantly changing and adjusting my program to live where middle school students live. YOGOWYPI in the middle is a program for middle school students, created by middle students and constantly improved upon by middle school students!

What you will get

  • Experienced speaker who adapts his programs to the needs of your school

  • Humor with a serious purpose to reach students and promote positve change

  • Activites that create relevant life lessons that students will apply long after the assembly

  • Exciting ups, thought-filled journey, contagious laughter, pin drop moments

What they will learn

Middle school students are filled with passion, energy and a strong desire to engage! That is exactly what will happen in your school when we work, laugh and discover some really cool answers to some really meaningful questions.

The Lessons

  • How we learn: to interact with each other, and in the classroom

  • The Challenges: We know we want a fun life... what stands in our way

  • Who am I really: Everyone says be yourself! What if I don't know

  • Power of Imagination: A power tool for creating the life you want

  • Chunking and Modeling: Strategies for life and learning engagement

  • SLANT: Six steps for maximizing education

  • CMTYC: Contribute More Than You Consume

  • how to always be in demand

  • how to be more involved and have more fun

  • how to use your middle school experience to create your 5 year plan

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 Inside-Out leadership is a great follow-up program the YOGOWYPI in the middle assembly because it teaches young teens to be principle centered rather than popularity centered leadership. 

Why inside-out leadership?

If leadership is not an inside-out initiative we will only create a lot of wanna-be's, queen bees and drama kings.  Lots of people want to be in charge, be the boss, and the decision-maker. We enjoy the credit that comes from the spot-light and the accolades that often come from "Look at what I did".  We live in a culture that teaches it is better to be on top, to be successful, to win, and to be number one. Unfortunately, these qualities are perceived as "leadership" but if our approach to leadership is to win or to be number one, our results will be "lonely leadership"

What they will learn

  • Core training: Finding me, my values, and what my stand 

  • Perspective: How do I see the world/how do others see the world

  • Story: What story do you tell yourself that limits you

  • Approach: Strategies for understanding how to approach leadership

  • Courage: Choosing to live my stand. Commitment + Fear

  • Actions: Keys to choosing actions that end the drama

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S.P.A.R.K is another options for a follow-up program. Many schools choose to do follow-up programs to keep the momentum going, and to continue the process of creating a positive school culture. Follow-up programs can be done in an assembly setting, as leadership training in small groups or as a class development sessions (working with each grade level on a rotation. 


  • Servant Leadership: A series of activities designed to support students in understanding the growth and development that comes through giving of your time, energy and efforts to a cause that is bigger than ourselves.

  • Personally: Learning to live from the inside-out developing your core in a way that we understand that other peoples opinions are just that opinions and we don't have to believe what others think of us. When our core is strong we can make choices according to our values instead of basing our value on what others think of us. We are not our performance. Who we are at our core is not performance based, we are as individuals bigger than what we do. 

  • Approach: Choosing how we are going to live our lives each day.

  • Responsibility: It is not what happens to us that matters, it is not our past that matters but our ability to learn from our past and take action in the future that matters. Responsibility is our ability to respond.

  • Kindness: It is the icing on the cake. We can tell how we feel about ourselves on the inside by how we treat others on the outside.

How we choose to live our lives matters

The S.P.A.R.K. middle school improvement plan

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