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Bill Cordes corporate

Build corporate culture

It really is all about relationship! The YOGOWYPI Experience workshops for business and professionals is all about teaching people the importance of building business from the inside-out. These seminars, workshops and keynote programs are specifically designed to support your teams in having private breakthroughs that will lead to quality work environments! 

Essentials of engagement

All of The YOGOWYPI Experience programing is built around the singular premise. When we fully engage we create possibility. Through non-threatening activities, engaging experiences and common challenges your participants will have fun re-discovering simple truths that will create powerful applicable lessons.


1. We are Better When We are Together

2. Create Movement to Check for Engagement

3. Bring the Energy- Don’t Go Over The Top

4. Change Your Perspective – Change Your Performance

5. None of Us are as Smart as All of Us

6. Being Present - H.A.P.P.Y. Having a Perfectly Present You (Tools for creating personal breakthroughs)

7. Create Movement - Healthy work environments are in the constant flow of change

8. Adjustment Technology

9. Open to Outcome

10. Learning to Live in the Full Palate of Emotion

11. Adventure Thinking

12. The Law of the Put In

12. Magic Move

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