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bill cordes yogowypi

Every YOGOWYPI Experience is a powerful experience that flows with the needs, personalilty and character of the school. The perspective gained from walking the hallways of Americas high schools and working with millions of teens provides a powerful insight that will promote positive change in your school.


As your students enter there will be energy, music and engagement, before the assembly begins heads will be turning, students will be laughing. A quick activity sets the tone, of the program...Bill is introduced, but they have been having fun with him already...there is a feeling in the venue that this is going to be a lot of fun.  An opening activity, some playful interaction, a powerful short story followed by playful interaction. This is the YOGOWYPI Experience. A unique blend of humor, stories, playful activities, random interactions. It is all part of the plan to engage, teach, coach and learn positive strategies that will enhance the lives of your students and enrich the culture of your school. 

What you will get

  • Experienced speaker who adapts his programs to the needs of your school

  • Humor with a serious purpose to reach students and promote positve change

  • Activites that create relevant life lessons that students will apply long after the assembly

  • Exciting ups, thought-filled journey, contagious laughter, pin drop moments

What they will learn

  • How Did We Get Here: conditioning that affects our choices and our life path

  • The Realities: drugs, alcohol, negative relationships, social media challenges, poor choices

  • Life Engagement Strategies: strategies to support teens in choosing how they want to live

  • Responsibility is our 'Ability to Respond': how we respond to what happens to us

  • Breakthrough: strategies for getting past the five barriers that hold us back

  • Repertoire of Tools:

        Gift of Presence

        Inside-Out Happiness

        Respect Tech 

        Palate of Emotions

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for a  successful assembly

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bill cordes school culture

The School Unity Project is a follow-up to the YOGOWYPI Experience assembly and reinforces the themes of positive life choices, the power of meaningful relationshipships, getting past negative conditioning and learning to create positive personal breakthroughs that can have a lasting affect on our direction in our lives.

What is SUP?

It is a map, and a compass for how to deal with the relationships of our lives.  As we move through our lives we learn a lot of stuff, but we spend very little time thinking about the one thing that has the greatest impact on the quality of our lives - relationships. High school is really the best place for understanding the role relationships play in determining the quality of our lives. Through a series of activities students will reflect on the relationship choices they have made in the past (the map of where they have been) and will understand how they can make better choices about their relationships in the future. Bottom-line how we treat others and how we treat ourselves has a huge affect on how we feel (the compass).The School Unity Project gives students an opportunity to understand, start over, and teaches them how to clean it up when we mess up. Upon completion of the 'SUP students will have a road-map, and a compass for building a better life as well as some great tools for creating a compelling school culture.

What they will learn

  • Student ownership of relational map and compass

  • Urgency to improve relationships through understanding the Senior Spiral

  • All school attention on the importance of building meaningful relationships now

  • A powerful-shared relatioship building experience from which to draw

  • The realization that we all have different pains/struggles and acceptance of those differences

  • School-wide respect of each persons unique journey 

  • Improved school culture from living the Inside-Out Agreements:

        The Power of Words

        Take Nothing Personally

        In-joy vs In-apathy

        Living Your Best Self

        'SUP: The compass and map to stay on track

        3-Part Drama Clean-Up: (after 'SUP we will love our school, but someone will mess up-now we have tools to clean it up)

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