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Each year Bill Cordes works with colleges around the country supporting colleges in creating environments that foster positive relationships, building community and giving students the tools to get the most out of their collegiate experience. His programs are used in a variety of settings including new student orientation, collegiate association workshops and keynotes, athletic team building programs and collegiate lecture series events.

First Year Experience Programs - YOGOWYPI University

The beginning of a college experience is a critical step in a persons life, and Bill Cordes has spoke to 1000's of college students across the country giving them the tools for creating a great first step. 

Build Relationship Create Your Own Reasons to Stay on Campus

What we have discovered is that students who learn to build positive relationships in their first few months on campus find their own reasons to stay on campus and fulfill their degree. Every campus has something to offer students, and my message is pretty simple: Say YES to all that is positive for your first 60 days on campus and by doing so you will create your own personal reasons for staying. That's good wisdom for all of us, and together in our first year experience programs we give students the tools to make it a habit.

YOGOWYPI UNIVERSITY - the experience

Usually a 1-2 hour program on campus in during your schools welcome week. The program is filled with fun interaction, powerful activities and memorable stories about how to create a powerful college experience. Students will walk away with the following skills and tools:

-How to build relationship with peers and professors

-Strategies to maximize classroom time

-How to manage challenging relationships

-How to fully engage in their college experience

-How to find a mentor that will support them during their ups and downs

-How to manage their emotions during their college experience

-Strategies to keep moving forward even when it gets tough


-Your students will laugh


-Connect, bond and build relationship

-Community will be developed

-Students will be prepared to understand the ups, downs, highs, lows and all the emotions that come with college

-Meaningful lessons

-Powerful stories

-Life long tools.

Don't take my word for it though feel free to contact me and I can connect you with other educators who use the YOGOWYPI Experience as their First Year Experience and we can start the process of you creating compelling reasons for your students to maximize their collegiate years!

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