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Better ways

 to engage students, rekindle passion, and enrich educational environments


  • Essentials of Engagemnet In-Service

  • Educator Teambuilding

  • Administration/Staff Retreats

  • Education Association Keynotes

  • School Year Kick-Off


Better ways

 to reach teens, invigorate education, and build school unity


  • The YOGOWYPI Experience

  • School Unity Project

  • School Retreats/Leadership Workshops

  • Freshman Transition Programs

  • Association Keynotes

corporate teams

Better ways

 to revitalize organizational culture, and rejuvenate the working soul


  • Build Effective Management Teams

  • Customer Service 

  • Health and Humor

  • Happiness is Serious Business

  • Coaching

Teaching teachers, teens and corporate teams better ways to live their days.
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