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Become a Grappler

I am a grappler, I always have been I like to wrestle with concepts, to throw them out there as a way of looking for understanding, developing insight, and finding the truth.

There are three ways to take in information: (grapple with these)

  1. To agree with everything you read, hear, see or experience.

  2. To disagree with all that you read, hear, see or experience

  3. To grapple with it, be open to outcome, and ask is this useful for me?

The first two rip you off. To simply agree with every concept I throw out to you rips you off because you are not applying it, nor are you really thinking in-depth about how it works in your life. This option provides no real value to you.

The second rips you off because you are simply denying the truth because it hasn't fit your model of the world in the past. Maybe the concept feels uncomfortable to you because you have never experienced it. Maybe the concept makes you face some truth and it is easy to deny its' truth because it is new, unusual, or peculiar.

The third requires you to try it on. It invites you to be selectively open. It asks you to prove it right or prove it wrong. It requires time and energy which will always lead to growth no matter how you see it. My hope is that some of these posts will make you feel uncomfortable and out of the discomfort you will change your perspective or maybe even strengthen your current beliefs.

Happy Grappling! YOGOWYPI: You Only Get Out What You Put In! I wish you the kind of discomfort that leads to growth and resilience!

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