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Things People Secretly Like About the Global Pandemic

There is a lot of negative attention toward all that has been taken away from us because of the pandemic. However, there are some things that people secretly like. Here is a list of 21 things to appreciate. Interested to hear your thoughts.

  1. Waking up 30 seconds before class starts

  2. Not having to explain avoiding gatherings

  3. I love social distancing! It's great that its a rule now

  4. Focused attention on looking at peoples eyes

  5. People seem to put more effort into listening

  6. Sleeping an extra hour and not having to put on make-up (or pants)

  7. No commute into work means save money on gas and lunch

  8. Not bothered by people coming by my desk and having to do small talk

  9. Peoples mask keeps their breath away from me

  10. No kids visiting our house

  11. No sleep-overs

  12. More places deliver food now

  13. Not as much sickness

  14. People actually wash their hands

  15. No handshaking

  16. More focus on cleanliness everywhere

  17. More time for growth

  18. Fewer germs all around

  19. Time for hobbies

  20. More time to think

  21. Appreciate the small stuff a little bit more

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